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AbbyMy name is Abby and I’m in the fourth grade here in Ashland, Massachusetts. Last year in literacy class we read a book about sea turtles. I learned that sea turtles were endangered and I decided then and there, that I was going to raise money to help save them.

I knew it would be a big project, so first I started by asking my friends and family for donation money to help save sea turtles. Then my dad offered to make me a website. Of course, I said, “Yes!” I got the idea to make bracelets when I saw the student council ¬†giving away bracelets to support Boston Strong. Then, as an end of the year present, my dad got me a set to make the bracelets. Together we designed the website, and the rest is history.

Special Thanks: I want to thank my Dad and my Mom. My Dad because he made my website and helped me buy most of the supplies. And my Mom for all her support.

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